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Polish Automotive Market

Polish Automotive Market

Poland does not have its own brand of cars unlike e.g. our neighbours the Czech Republic with their popular "Skoda" brand (now owned by VAG). However, Poland is a very significant manufacturer of cars, automotive equipment and spare parts. Here are some examples of statistical data:

  • In 2018 451,600 passenger cars were manufactured in Poland, also, 202,100 commercial vehicles and 5,900 buses, altogether products worth 28.7 billion euro (the main brands of vehicles produced in Poland are Volkswagen, Fiat, GM, PSA, MAN, Volvo and Solaris).
  • About 1,200,000 engines were produced in Poland in 2018 and ca 1,500,000 engines in 2019 so manufacturing of engines seems to be Polish national speciality (e.g. engines are produced in Poland by Volkswagen, Toyota, FCA, GM, PSA, Daimler, Isuzu).
  • Last but not least, Poland is a major European source of spare parts production - dozens of plants of Tier-1 and Tier-2 suppliers are located there and directly supported by hundreds and thousands of subsuppliers and subcontractors (the total value of spare parts production in 2018 was 20.9 billion euro, more than 50% of that value was exported outside Poland).

Due to the situation outlined above Poland should be considered as a potentially strong source of possible opportunities for the competitive purchase of OE/OEM/OES spare parts.

It should be mentioned that neither the Covid pandemic, nor the war in Ukraine have hit the Polish industry and economy significantly: in 2020 Polish GDP shrank by only -2.5% YoY (one of the best results in the EU) while in 2021 GDP grew by +5,7% YoY, accompanied by one of the lowest unemployment rate in EU (in 2022 only 3% accrodingy to EUROSTAT) and constantly growing production. However starting 2022 Poland is affected by relatively high inflation rate, which made the central bank to increase the interest rates. Such economic phenomena will probably stay with us for longer.

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